Project Phases

Be the Change,Take the Challenge-Project Report


Together we can create awareness on the sustainable development goals (SDGs) among our students!

We have decided to divide this project into phases so that it would be easier to lead it in the best possible direction and to document our work at the end of it. Through this organization into phases, our project is divided into smaller components, thus making it easier to monitor.

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The idea for our project was explored and elaborated already in May. From June to September, we chose project partners. So far 92 teachers from all over the world have signed up and decided to collaborate with us. The majority of teachers found out about this project via Facebook and Twitter. Our main hashtag on Twitter is #bethechangetakethechallenge.


The project was officially launched on the first of September 2017. Several videos and posters were created and posted on social media sites that day. Besides, some schools launched its opening at their respective schools.


In this project, we have decided to focus on teaching the UN’s latest development goals using different strategies, methods and tools. Objectives of the project have been published on our main website and teachers have been encouraged to go through them. The project is feasible and will be completed on time which is the first of April 2018. The results of this project will be a work-product delivered by the participating students (videos/ presentations/ posters) and direct interaction through a number of Skype sessions arranged between partner schools.


We feel that this project is going to expand even more as people have become very excited about it. Teachers who are participating in this project  have access to a platform called Loomio where they can meet project partners,  ask questions, discuss all the assignments with each other, and update their skills and knowledge related to recent ICT tools.We believe that having such a space will help us avoid misunderstandings and conflicts that may arise in the future.


Due to a high number of participants, we have also decided to use curation tools so that all the links we gather will be stored at one place. This will contribute to easy storage, filtering, editing and sharing of relevant content.
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In July and August, teachers completed all the assignment forms (Skype-sessions schedule/ Connected Educators-interviews/ Photo albums/ Teacher introductions)  that were posted on our main website.


In September, students were encouraged to introduce themselves using bio-poetry and Padlet Walls. Teachers were asked to create their own Padlet Walls first and then copy and paste the link to our single and shared Padlet Wall.


Pearltrees was selected as our main content curation tool so that we are not flooded with information and all the links we post on Loomio and our main website. While Saturio was selected as our timeline creation tool.


Enthusiastic teachers from varying subjects, cultures and backgrounds pooled their resources and ideas creating a growing community network of resources and support.


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Dissemination of the “Be the Change, Take the Challenge” project