Assignment 4

Task 4-Collaborative work/ oral presentations/ written assignments-Students are going to work in international groups!


Students choose one real problem that is of significant interest.
Students create presentations or posters using Google Slides or other software.

Every presentation must include:

a. A clear introduction and the specific problem selected

b. A clear rationale for why this is a real problem

c. Your group analysis should identify, develop, and answer the following:

d. Why this is a problem to your chosen community?

e. Who or what is being affected by the problem?

f. How big/systematic is this problem?

g. Why must we act now?A discussion of the many possible solutions that were identified for the selected problem
Your solution should identify and develop the following (writing and speaking skills):

a. Spell out a clear course of action and why you think it is the best course compared to other options

b. Find experts who could share their expertise with you

c. Indicate who should organize this effort and should be responsible for implementation

d. Indicate what sort of funding and resources are required to solve the problem

e. The use of sources adding credibility to your problem and presentation


Nannestad High School/ Examples/ Oral Presentations




Upload your work onto these slides :

GROUP 1: No Poverty

End poverty

GROUP 2: Zero Hunger

Goal 2

GROUP 3: Good health and well-being


GROUP 4: Quality education


GROUP 5: Gender equality

women in leadership positions 1

Goal 5- Gender equality 1

GROUP 6: Clean water and sanitation

SDGs 6

GROUP 7: Affordable and clean energy


GROUP 8: Decent work and economic growth

Goalno 8

GROUP 9: Industry, innovation and infrastructure


GROUP 10: Reduced inequalities

How to reduce Gender Inequality in Africa (1)

GROUP 11: Sustainable cities and communities


GROUP 12: Responsible consumption and production


GROUP 13: Climate action


GROUP 14: Life below water

life below water PDF

GROUP 15: Life on land


GROUP 16: Peace, justice and strong institution

Goal 16

GROUP 17: Partnerships for the goals