Assignment 1

Tasks to be completed by students

I Getting to know each other


For your introductory post, please provide the following information:

1. Tell us your name and, if you have a nickname, let us know what you like to go by.
2. Tell us sthg about your school and what areas of study you are interested in pursuing.
3. If you feel comfortable, tell us a little about where you are from and any hobbies that you enjoy.
4. Tell us what you hope to get out of this project and how you hope it will help you in your future.

5.Post your photo/selfie

Tool: Padlet / Every teacher needs to create his own Padlet Wall first. When your students complete this assignment, you need to post the link to your Padlet here.

II Twitter slow chat

What is it?

A month long Twitter chat focused on  specific topics.

How does it work?

  • A topic is chosen and a different question related to the topic is posted every week on twitter with the hashtag #bethechangetakethechallenge
  • Participants answer the questions and respond to each other as they can throughout the month, remembering to include the hashtag.



Tasks to be completed by teachers before the start of our project

1.Please write a short bio and submit it here

2.Add your location to our interactive map

3.Teacher Questionnaire

4.Your photo- country- quote

5.What makes a great global project?

6.Pupil-free days/School holidays/Form

6a.Schedule a Skype session

7.Voluntary activity- Connected Educators-Interviews

Please make a copy before typing your answers ( Google Docs-File-Make a Copy). Post your file on Loomio.

8.#worldgeochat- Join Jennifer Williams to Discuss Global Goals

9.Global Goals Week 2017- 16-23 September 2017

10.Participation in the Global Day of Action- 25 September 2017

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