Be the Change, Take the Challenge project is a global and collaborative project founded by Barbara Anna Zielonka.

This online project will start in September 2017 and finish in April 2018. The project is open to high school students and teachers from all over the world who believe in the power of global connections. Your students need to have communicative competence in English as all the assignments and communication will be conducted in English only.



The objective of this project is for high school students and teachers to make international connections with peers and experts from all over the world using ICT  and to improve their digital and problem-solving skills. As we all encounter problems every single day, it is important to know how to solve both easy and complex problems. In this project, we aim to show our students how to define problems, how to generate evaluate, select and implement solutions using a wide variety of ICT tools. We believe that this skill will be one of the most important ones in the future workplaces.

Upon completion of this project, students will:

• become competent users of ICT tools in education

• enhance students’ and teachers’ ICT skills

• develop an understanding of problem-solving

• identify the skills to participate in problem-solving

• better understand the SDG ( Sustainable Development Goals) and the challenges in achieving it

• improve their writing and speaking

• meet international students and become a part of a global community

• participate in thought-provoking Skype conversations and self –reflection activities that challenge students to investigate global problems

• gain a factual knowledge of global problems

• learn to express themselves online

• become competent media producers

• be challenged to share the information they learn

Upon completion of this project, teachers will be able to:

  • connect with educators in other schools
  • build their knowledge to feel more confident to teach global content in their classrooms
  • improve their ICT skills
  • design a global learning experience
  • develop activities around the SDGs

Its key sustainability factors are:

  • Social factors – it is open to all teachers from all over the world who have access to internet / students sharing their ideas, creating prototypes and becoming agents of change / once students are given a choice and a voice they can start changing their own communities;
  • Environmental factors – the use of cloud storage/ no printing;
  • Economic – it does not require any financial resources; the use of digital tools has enabled us to reach out to many schools without spending a penny.

These sustainability factors apply to all the stages of our project and it is unique in its clearly-defined purpose, results and the number of partners who are working together towards the same goal.

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Be the Change,Take the Challenge

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